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Fine Art Jobs - Fine Arts Careers Explained

Note: Whether one is a well-trained, established artist or an entirely self-taught painter of outsider or naive art, there are career opportunities for dedicated professional in the fine arts. As the below curated article summarizes, there are many traditional and alternative jobs available in the field. Depending on the degree of  one's independence from the fine arts mainstream, there may be more options for the establishment painter than those on the naive art end of the spectrum. Choose your path carefully:

Fine Art Jobs - Fine Arts Careers Explained

Author: Erik Johnson
If you\'re like most non-artists, you probably have wondered 'what does a fine arts major do?' or 'what fine art jobs are there?' Many people don\'t realize just how many fine arts jobs an individual can go into after they attend college for an art related degree.  There are many different fine arts degree jobs; it is not restricted just to painting and sculpting.  While fine arts degrees can provide formal training in various arts, these skills can have many practical uses in a variety of professions.  Fine arts degrees can provide students with the tools they need to use in numerous commercial settings.

Fine Art Jobs Description

Multimedia artists, animators, craft artists, fine artists and art directors are just a few of the art and design careers that art school graduates can go into.  Many people who have fine arts degrees do become fine art artists, so if this is your goal, don\'t let anything hold you back.  Painters, illustrators, photographers and sculptors all fall within this category.  The competition is fierce, but with diligence, it\'s possible to make it.  Or if you have a knack for designing useful and beautiful things such as stained glass, pottery, hand woven rugs, sculptures or woodcarvings, you could pursue a career as a craft artist.  People will always be interested in buying things like jewelry and craft objects at markets, in boutiques, out of catalogues or online.  It\'s just a matter of producing artifacts that people want to buy and marketing them correctly. 

Graduates with fine arts degrees who have an interest in creating images for commercials for television, print media, cinema, computer games or other types of media can become multimedia artists.  The art director is another alternative career in fine arts, which involves the creation of visual concepts for magazines, newspapers, videos, websites or billboards.  This career involves coordinating with graphic designers and photographers, making decisions about how to present visual concepts, and using management skills to lead the team.
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